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And off we go again

Posted by Gayle on November 3, 2008

Kat returned my edited manuscript today. Again, there were no major changes, and no stupid, why-is-she-doing-this changes. It was all good except for one: I had written a joke, where a police officer is giving Peri the latest gossip about the hand found in Benny’s freezer. According to the officer, they found a foot in the freezer. It was supposed to be one of those, ‘that’s what happens when you play telephone’ kinds of moments. Kat didn’t get it, but that’s okay. After I re-read the scene, I didn’t get it anymore either.

At any rate, I’ve already got her comments incorporated, but I’m a little hesitant to send them back right away. I’m certain I’m not the only author on her plate, and she’s probably thinking she can go do something else for the rest of the week or so. But, no, little Nerdy Author immediately jumps up and fixes her errors – isn’t she just too damned eager? I can feel her rolling her eyes, all the way from the East Coast.

I’ll read everything over one more time before I send it back. That should take some time. I do wish I knew what’s next.


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