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Look over there. No. Over there.

Posted by Gayle on December 11, 2009

When I started this blog, I had three different sites to blather about different subjects. I envisioned this site as giving people news about my Peri Minneopa “mystery series” – I use the quotes because, although I’m currently writing the second book, one book doesn’t make a series. I also had a blog for talking about the writing process, and a blog for whatever popped into my head, no matter what the topic.

After a few months, all of my posts started to wind up at the same site. Peri, processes, piddly ideas out of nowhere, all drifted to On the Edge of the Chair of Literature. My updates here fell away.

So if there are any lingering readers who want to follow Peri’s adventures, plus share your ideas about writing, visit my highly maintained and updated site here. Oh, and occasionally I talk about taking the family Christmas picture.



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