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Reality is becoming more real

Posted by Gayle on November 4, 2008

My editor told me that the tentative release date for my book is April 2009. Eek! Six months away! One of the things I have to figure out is my launch party – mostly, a place and a theme. As far as a place, I’ve got some ideas, but a theme? I may need some suggestions in that department.

Here are some of the main elements of the story:

1. Peri used to clean houses for a living.

2. Her favorite drink is a dirty martini with four olives.

3. Her client is a Dean Martin fanatic.

4. The case revolves around a severed hand and a famous piece of jewelry, called ‘The Forever Roses’ ring, because the biggest diamond has been cut so its facets look like rose petals.

Now, what do I do with those ingredients?


One Response to “Reality is becoming more real”

  1. Eric said

    I say you have me send you some free bottles of our product to use at your party. Dirty Sue – premium olive juice for dirty martinis.

    Let me know.


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