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Say ‘hello’ to Mark

Posted by Gayle on August 30, 2008

Meet Mark Tieslau. He actually looks a lot younger in person. And I look a lot thinner.

Why is Mark here? He’s the bartender at the Firewoods Restaurant in the Gray Eagle Lodge (, a place in the Plumas National Forest where my family and 5-6 other groups of our friends gather yearly for a week of fun in the outdoors.

When I was writing Freezer Burn, I was looking for a high end drink that Peri, my heroine, would drink when she could afford it (when she’s broke, it’s cheap light beer). Mark suggested a Grey Goose dirty martini, and of course, fixed one for me to try. I love green, stuffed olives, and Mark makes some of the best drinks EVAH, so it worked for me.

There was an additional benefit to giving this to Peri for her signature drink; before she was a P.I., Peri had a housecleaning business. Now I can tell people that she likes clean houses and dirty martinis. How cool is that?


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