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After the contract, the rest is gravy, right?

Posted by Gayle on August 8, 2008

I admit I was disappointed in the contract money, although not at all in the contract terms. I wasn’t expecting to get rich, but… okay, I was hoping to be pleasantly surprised. I knew Echelon was a small, independent publisher, so I knew that the $$ would be more like $.

I thoroughly believe in this book; it would be false modesty to say, aw, shucks, I’m an okay writer. I’m a good writer, and Freezer Burn is a fun read. It’s not a literary masterpiece, but that wasn’t my goal.

So I could have passed on Echelon and gotten an agent and shopped my book around. I’m certain it would have been picked up by a bigger operation, offering me more money. But…

1. With an agent, some of my “more money” would go to their outstretched hand.

2. I had met Karen (the publisher) and I liked her directness and her energy. Everyone I spoke to about Echelon sung her praises.

I debated this for at least a week, maybe two. I had friends saying that I should take the deal. I had friends saying I could do better. Then, my friend, Pam, gave me the best advice of all: “Screw everybody else. Follow your heart.”

My heart wanted to go with Echelon. I took the deal.


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