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Posted by Gayle on June 16, 2008

My tail is waggin’ so hard right now, it may go into orbit.

A publisher wants my book! My-book-my-book-my-book! My murder mystery, Freezer Burn, will be published by Echelon Press. Many, many thanks go to the following:

Jean Jenkins, the editor who gave me lots of ideas of how to make my writing stronger;
My grandmother, who taught me out to tell a story;
My friend, Kip Mistral, who kicked my butt hard enough to get me to start writing;
My husband, Dale, who just assumes that I will write many books, be a best-selling author, and make tons of $$ (we’ll see about that last part);
And, of course, Karen Syed, publisher and CEO of Echelon Press, for finding my little murder mystery about a 50-year old female P.I. engaging enough to put between two covers!
Stay tuned for more info about this grand adventure!


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