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Posted by Gayle on May 19, 2008

I mailed my manuscript off today to a freelance editor, who is going to take a look at it and tell me whether it’s 1) a well-written piece of schlock that’s fixable, 2) a poorly written piece of schlock that should be hurled with great force, 3) absolute perfection, or 4) something in between all of the above. 


It’s a murder mystery, fun, funny and macabre. My protagonist is a 50-year old blonde, daughter of Viking stock who used to clean houses for a living, and now she’s a P.I. Once I get the synopsis written, I think I’ll post it here and hope for comments. The synopsis is the hardest thing to write, harder than the other 67,000 words I put to paper. I’ve written one version, but it really sucks and I have to go all the way back to Square One.


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